28 May 2023


With a raging fever, on the wise advice of Kostas, Antony goes to the ENT, along the Champs-Elysées of Tinos, n0 32.
After having searched, asked, snooped, finally they go with his wife, self tests in hand, to n0 31 and climb the stairs.
All doors open, at the back, a giant screen belches out the comments and images of the 2021 Olympic Games live from Japan. All this in a decorum to make the most orthodox of museums pale…
Leaning on the balustrade of a terrace, with his back turned, a man of at least 80 years old smokes his pipe or cigar, I don’t know and I don’t pay any attention to our couple in search of care for an acute angina, when finally, noticing that he has customers – because it is indeed the doctor, specialist in ENT, a feat! He turns around and, in Greek, proceeds to carry out his consultation without wondering for a second if these newcomers understand a single word of Greek!
Straight out of an improbable scenario, shaggy looking, hair in disarray, little bezicles on his nose, pipe in his mouth, he hobbles towards our patients.
He doesn’t care about the test. His pipe in his mouth, he starts his work.
Gestures and demonstration in support, he auscultates, feels, palpates and asks Antoine to stick out his tongue. The latter complies and is surprised by the doctor who grabs a compress and almost tears out his tongue, sticks a mirror, which he has previously disinfected, blackened, burning it, down his throat.
With a device worthy of the far west, he searches her ears and then, like a gynecologist about to dive into the abyss, he stuffs a speculum in her nostrils.
Groggy and hilarious, Antoine and Beatrice, who followed the whole scenario worthy of a Hitchcock movie or a Mary Shelley novel, leave the medical office of this Tinic Sunflower laughing but with a very serious prescription.
Three days later, this will remain a wonderful vacation memory.
This anecdote was told to me with obvious pleasure and laughter. It reminds me of my grandfather’s cabinet with its utensils, which today are sold like treasures by antique dealers or at flea markets.
It’s touching and goes straight to my heart.
However, as funny as this medical visit was, it did take place in July 2021 and was successful. It’s not sophistication that makes a good doctor, but know-how proven by practice.

Come to Tinos to be treated….
And for many other things, especially for many other things. And if a sore throat, an ear infection or a terrible cold should mar your vacation, then rejoice, you will plunge into a forgotten medical century in the most unlikely of settings.

Tinos to come
Tinos to come back to
Tinos to stay

Our texts are translated by Deepl . If you wish to help us we would be very grateful. Thank you for your understanding.



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