28 May 2023


An unexpected shower
On this Friday May 28, 2021, I leave Chora to go back home.
At the exit of the city, in the direction of Triandaros there are three gas stations. Most of the time I stop at the first one on the right. I know them well and they deliver the fuel oil to me. They are very friendly and often offer me a small treat, fruit or other when available.
Sometimes I stop at the blue station, always on the right, because they have a beautiful black dog. I love dogs.
I have never stopped at the third one. Kostas however invites me, to this one or to the other one which is on the road towards Kambos, Loutra…In this one I already stopped.
Ok the first one I leave it aside, in the second one there are 2 motorcycles that block the access to the pumps. That’s it, it will be my first, the tank is almost empty, I cross the road and stop at the third station.
A kind and strong lady approaches me, asks me what I want. She says, “Fill up with unleaded”. She then takes the pump and there……. I think I have never in my life been so surprised, speechless, stunned.
Have you ever seen elephants playing with water, taking a lot of it in their trunks and having fun spraying around? It’s a powerful jet, it sprays hard and far.
Well, I found myself in the situation of receiving from an elephant, roughly ten liters of gasoline on me, on my head, shoulder, chest, bags, hip, leg, up to my foot. All my left side sprayed with nauseating gasoline. I remained frozen, without saying a word, completely astonished, stunned, dazed, stunned, dumbfounded, sawed off….
The good woman came to her senses before I did, but I don’t know what she said to me, I was in no condition to hear, until I expressed my astonishment and heard her apology…
“I would like to wash myself”. She leads me to a miserable basement and asks to receive all my clothes so she can give them to the chemical she will pay. “But I’m not going to go naked anyway! To which she agrees.
We go back to the car and this time, the hose having been emptied of its overflow, she does mine in my jalopy that we call the grandmother.
To this adventure was added the rescue of a baby cat that had nestled under a truck and when the truck stopped at the station, it came down meowing like crazy.
I scrambled to get him back and it was quite a challenge. The animal, barely 200 grams, turned out to be as strong as a tiger and threatening, defending his life like a rabid man.
In the end, everything works out for the good of those who love God and animals. The cat was saved, my clothes were washed and I was given a triple dose of shower.
The elephant lady was very friendly and spoke very good French. I will go back. Maybe I’ll even invite her and we can laugh about this story and I can hear about the kitten.

Our texts are translated by Deepl . If you wish to help us we would be very grateful. Thank you for your understanding.



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