28 May 2023


1st steps in the web world (fr/angl/D)
My goals and your participation

To all of you, thank you again for visiting my site. It is taking its first steps and will progress in quality and quantity: photos, videos, reservation calendar, answers to your messages. All this is gradually being put in place.
My objective is to make you discover Tinos, to incite you to come and spend a few days or weeks there. To accompany you, if you wish it in its discovery, as well as in the discovery of the surrounding islands, the Cyclades were a wonder. Obviously Tinos is the pearl.
My other objective is, as you have understood, to rent my beautiful and dear little house in La Neuveville in my absence. An empty house is sad and you, your friends, your colleagues … will know how to brighten it up by your presence. It is so good to live there!
I am at your disposal for any question and also ready to discuss the rental price according to your circumstances.
So don’t hesitate ! get in touch
And make my site known
Kostas vithuranos.com is entirely dedicated to culture, music, painting, writing. At the moment it is mainly in Greek and is enamelled with English.
Gradually it will also be in English and French. So don’t let it go
We need your clicks to share our work
thank you

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